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IA64 Pointer conversion question / convert code already wrong?

I am looking at a bug/oddity in the HP-UX IA64 GCC compiler in ILP32
mode.  Here is some code (cut out from libffi):

	typedef void *PTR64 __attribute__((mode(DI)));
	extern void bar(PTR64);
	void foo(void * x) { bar(x); }

Now the issue is whether or not this is legal and how x should get
extended.  I am assuming that it is legal and that, on IA64, we would
like the pointer extended via the addp4 instruction.

When I do not optimize this program I do not get any addp4 instructions,
when I do optimize the program I do get the desired addp4 instructions.

I believe the problem in the unoptomized case is in expand_expr_real_1,
where we have:

    case NOP_EXPR:
    case CONVERT_EXPR:
      else if (modifier == EXPAND_INITIALIZER)
        op0 = gen_rtx_fmt_e (unsignedp ? ZERO_EXTEND : SIGN_EXTEND, mode, op0);

      else if (target == 0)
        op0 = convert_to_mode (mode, op0,
                               TYPE_UNSIGNED (TREE_TYPE
                                              (TREE_OPERAND (exp, 0))));
          convert_move (target, op0,
                        TYPE_UNSIGNED (TREE_TYPE (TREE_OPERAND (exp, 0))));
          op0 = target;

The EXPAND_INITIALIZER if looks wrong (for IA64) because it assumes that
ZERO_EXTEND and SIGN_EXTEND are the only possibilities and and if op0 is
a pointer then we have a third possibility for ia64.  Is the use of
gen_rtx_fmt_e an optimization that could be replaced by convert_to_mode
or convert_move or is there some underlying reason why that has to be a
gen_rtx_fmt_e call for an initializer?

The existing convert_to_mode and convert_move calls look suspicious to
me too because they use the TYPE_UNSIGNED macro to determine wether to
do signed or unsigned extensions and I am not sure if that would be set
correctly for pointer types based on a platforms setting of

Anyone have any insights?

Steve Ellcey

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