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Re: GCC 4.0 RC2 Available

Andrew Haley wrote:
Geoffrey Keating writes:
> Mark Mitchell <> writes:
> > > RC2 is available here:
> > > >
> > > > As before, I'd very much appreciate it if people would test these bits
> > on primary and secondary platforms, post test results with the
> > contrib/test_summary script, and send me a message saying whether or
> > not there are any regressions, together with a pointer to the results.
> > Bad news, I'm afraid.

It's a bug in dbxout.  A field is marked as DECL_IGNORED_P, but
dbxout_type_fields() still tries to access it.


2005-04-19 Andrew Haley <>

	* dbxout.c (dbxout_type_fields): Check DECL_IGNORED_P before
	looking at a field's bitpos.

The C++ front-end (and probably the C front-end) strips zero-width (and possibly unnamed) bitfields after class layout. This can be justified in that those bitfields only affect layout; one doesn't need the middle-end to copy them around, etc. So, you could probably fix this in the Java front end in the same way. From your patch, it looks like you're letting the back end see these bitfields, and also that their DECL_SIZE is not set correctly, which is dangerous in general.

So, I would suggest fixing this in the Java front end.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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