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Re: ppc32/e500/no float - undefined references in libstdc++ _Unwind_*

Clemens Koller wrote:
/usr/local/lib/nof/ undefined reference to `_Unwind_DeleteException@GCC_3.0'
/usr/local/lib/nof/ undefined reference to `_Unwind_Resume@GCC_3.0'

These functions should come from or libgcc_eh.a, depending on whether this is a shared or static link.

Try checking to see which libgcc libraries are being linked in. Try adding -v to the compiler line, or even -Wl,--verbose to see what the linker is doing.

Try running nm on the libgcc libraries to make sure they are OK.

If you have multiple gcc versions installed, you might be accidentally linking in the wrong libgcc libraries. If you have libraries compiled with other gcc versions, it is possible that they are bringing in the wrong libgcc, from an older gcc release.

Try using g++ to link instead of gcc. Somehow you are getting C++ libraries even though you seem to be linking C code, and using g++ for the link will make sure that the proper C++ libraries are linked in the proper order.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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