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Re: 2 suggestions

Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:

Not necessary.  If people would simply follow the directions here:
<*-*-solaris2*> by setting

Also, when I click on the link above, it doesn't follow down the page to the anchor. I'm not sure why that is. Gerald?

Just a few days ago I learned that this is a "feature" in current
versions of texinfo: apparently XHTML disallows characters like "*"
at the beginning of an anchor, so makeinfo now prepends some magic

Looking at specific.html as created by install.texi2html, I see that that "*-" is translated to "_002a_002d". This happens only in name attributes, not in href attributes. So maybe the production of hrefs can use the anchor name production function? (Can't tell where exactly the character substitutions are done in texi2html, but this should be easy to say for someone who knows it.)

Example from a section heading for the above link:

<h3 class="heading">
<a name="TOC47"></a>
<a name="_002a_002d_002a_002dsolaris2_002a"></a>

-- Georg

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