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Re: 2 suggestions

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, Georg Bauhaus wrote:
If "*-*-solaris2*" should appear as/in the "name" attribute of an <a>,
prepending a name start character is not enough, because this attribute
is of type NMTOKEN. Therefore it cannot contain * at all.

...if we are absolutely disallowed to use "*", probably just replacing "*" by "x" without any prefix might be the lesser of all evils?

So long as things to get ported to the x-box? We can't use ? because it looks like a cgi call. * looks like it came from globbing, so is . such a bad choice? I know it only stands for a single char in globbing, but it won't run into the 8.3 problems of DOS filenames because, and ".-.-solaris2." looks like soemthing is missing. "^-^-solaris2^", perhaps, as in printers marks for "insert this here"?

If international character sets in XHTML are o.K., maybe there are
some letter sets to choose from. Here is a sample.

I feel this might be worse, because it'll look as if everything was okay, but when someone copies and pastes the string, it won't work as a proper target string. (Thanks for your expert input, by the way.)

Also URLs end up in funny places, so they may not end up where unicode (or other non-ascii) is supported.




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