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Re: Problem compiling GCC 4.0 RC1 on powerpc-ibm-aix5.2.0.0


> Kate> ia64-*-hpux* 
> Kate> *-ibm-aix* 
> Kate> ip2k-*-elf
> Alphabetical.
> IA
> IB
> IP

I guess we will have to agree to disagree as to the ordering.
I do not like an ordering that has "i < * < i" !!!

> Please look at the AIX information again.  There are AIX 5.1 and
> AIX 5.2 PTFs.

The only mention I see of AIX 5.1 and 5.2 the target specific notes
uder *-ibm-aix* is 

: Building libstdc++.a requires a fix for an AIX Assembler
: bug APAR IY26685 (AIX 4.3) or APAR IY25528 (AIX 5.1). It
: also requires a fix for another AIX Assembler bug and a
: co-dependent AIX Archiver fix referenced as APAR IY53606
: (AIX 5.2) or a APAR IY54774 (AIX 5.1)

I am just trying to build with --enable-languages=c.  Thus I
do not think this applies.  (Otherwise the note needs to be

I am looking at 


Is it identical to what you are looking at?  Perhaps what
you are looking at comes from the CVS repository?  In which
case, it is NOT being included in the scripts that spin out
a release.

Kate Minola
University of Maryland, College Park

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