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Re: GCC 4.0 RC1 Available

Per Bothner writes:
 > Per Bothner wrote:
 > > However, the Kawa testsuite fails, raising a ClassNotFoundException.
 > > I'm looking into it.
 > Hm.  This fails, with or without the patch:
 >    clas = Class.forName(cname);
 > This works:
 >    clas = Class.forName(cname, true, getClass().getClassLoader());

Okay, a stack trace failure.  And a new one, despite the fact that the
release branch still has the unchanged old stack trace machinery.

 > This is with make all && make install in the libjav directory.
 > I'm doing a 'cvs update' and rebuild from a clean tree in case the
 > problem is an artifact of the way I just rebuilt part of the tree.
 > BTW, I've always though we should have the compiler rewrite:
 >    Class.forName(NAME)
 > to:
 >    Class.forName(NAME, true, getClass().getClassLoader())
 > to avoid the fragility and ugliness and performance lossage
 > of doing the stack trace ...

I started to do this, but there are quite a few places that need it:
it's not just Class.forName().


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