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Re: Patches for coldfire v4e


> >   Attached are the patches for coldfire v4e. These
> > changes are originally contributed by Peter
> Barada. I
> > have migrated and tested these changes from gcc
> 3.04
> > to gcc 3.4 and now to mainline. 
> Thank you for submitting this patch.  I've not yet
> had the time to perform a full review.  Maybe I'll
> be able to do some testing over the week-end.
> I noticed a few things:
>  - In many places code is mis-indented or has
>    minor white-space glitches;

I will recheck all the formating issues and submit the

>  - You don't seem to consistently patch both
>    and !MOTOROLA paths.  Is this intentional? 
>    there are no ColdFire targets using the MIT
> syntax,
>    but we need to be consistent;

I think it is only for the new patterns that these
paths are not followed. Do you want me to change them
as well?
>  - The patch isn't yet updated to the .opt
> conversion
>    that occurred on mainline a few days ago. 
> Changing
>    it should be trivial;

I will do that.  

> >   Since coldfire v4e has MMU we need to support
> > m68k-linux target for coldfire v4e. To support
> > m68k-linux for coldfire v4e I need to modify
> t-linux.
> > But I suppose this is not desirable. In that case
> we
> > might have to create another target, maybe
> > coldfire-linux. Please give your
> comments/suggestions
> > on this. Is it ok to modify t-linux or
> coldfire-linux
> > should be created.
> What are the changes you need to apply?

> Would plain 68020 code run on v4e processor?  As far
> as I can see, m68k-linux isn't a multilib target.

Problem occurs mainly due to restricted addressing
modes in v4e. For ex v4e supports only 16-bit
displacements. So all crt* files needs to be build for
v4e. Also v4e does not have extended floating point
instructions (XF mode) so we may have to modify t-*
for fpgnulib.c. 

> -- 
>   // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.
> \X/

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