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Re: GCC 4.0 RC1 Available

Mark Mitchell <> writes:
> If you are willing to help, please download the release candidate, build
> it on appropriate platforms, and post testresults by using
> contrib/test_summary.  Please use the release candidate itself, *not*
> the CVS 4.0 release branch, as part of the goal is to ensure that the
> packaging scripts are working.
> Then, if you are running on a primary or secondary platform, please send
> me an email pointing me at the results you've posted, and highlighting
> any failures to meet the release criteria.

Results for mips-elf posted here:

I think these results are OK:

   - copysign1.c is a new test.  It fails because the MIPS neg.fmt
     instruction implements arithmetic negation, not the sign-flipping
     implementation suggested in the IEEE appendix.  Signs are therefore
     not correctly copied to NaNs.

     I'm still trying to make my mind up what the best fix is.

   - The gcsec-1.c failures are caused by a problem in the
     libgloss linker scripts.

   - execute/20020720-1.c is a standard soft-float failure.

   - The two PCH glitches (one gcc and one g++) were caused by running
     "make check -j2".  The gcc and g++ PCH tests happened to collide
     at one point, both trying to handle system-1.

   - Wdtor-1.C fails for the same reason as discussed on gcc-patches@.


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