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Re: ERROR : pls help

On Apr 7, 2005, at 12:36 PM, Virender Kashyap wrote:

On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Dale Johannesen wrote:
The command line you show is the built compiler trying to build gcc's library.
It doesn't work, which means there is a bug in your changes.
actually it was working fine before even with changes.

but now it does not :)

but how do i locate where is the problem . this does not seem to give any clue .

You need to debug this in debugger.


[ In case, you need clue on how to debug this

1) cd /home/virenk/obj_gcc/gcc
2) Execute the gcc invocation you included in the mail.

You should get the same internal compiler error.

3) Now again execute the same command but add one additional option, - ###

This will print some info on the terminal:
Configured with: ...
gcc version ...
".../cc1" "-quiet" ....
"as" ...

4) Cut-n-paste "../cc1" line in terminal.

You should see the same internal compiler error again.

5) Now, launch ../cc1 in debugger. Set breakpoint at fancy_abort() and exit(). Run it using cc1 options: "-quiet" ...

6) Once you hit the breakpoint, look at the back trace and continue investigation.


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