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Re: 2 suggestions

On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:

> > 1) years ago GCC took about 2 hours to compile, last year it was 26
> > hours for me, this year I just surpassed 48 hours and it is still
> Configure with --disable-libgcj.  I even considered making this the

Not necessary. If people would simply follow the directions here: <*-*-solaris2*> by setting

I think this docoument could be made more useful by having the more specific cases refer people to the applicable more general cases. I plead enough ignorance about the subtleties that I cannot write the patches to change that correctly. Sorry.

CONFIG_SHELL to /bin/ksh before configure;make bootstrap, they
wouldn't have such insane build times.  I bet it cuts the 48 hours to
single digits.

The trouble is that *people* are building this. Googling turns up: "Freemans rule: Nothing is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood"

So, I'd like to know if the variations in how to build GCC are so
numerous that having a collection of example build scripts is a
stupid idea.  I think that examples are valuable in aiding
understanding.  Examples often seem clearer than descriptive text,
though they can't cover all cases, of course.

Examples will be abused, and Freeman's rule still applies, but am I
alone in thinking this may help many people?

When I've got my build to work, and it looks more promising thanks
to help here, I'll certainly post my script.

        Thank you,

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