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Re: 2 suggestions

This is why I suggested several parameters to the question. Assumedly if
the parameters were the same, so would the answer be. Note that lots of
scripts do the same style confuring and a dictionary or param-set
responses was what I was suggesting.  It was merely a simple suggestion
and I believe it could work if used intelligently.

Best regards,


David Edelsohn <> on Thursday, April 7, 2005 at 11:54 AM

>>>>>> Ray Holme writes:
>Ray> 2) Much of the time is spent in the several iterations of building a
>Ray> product doing the convfigure steps. These are repeated ad nauseum
>with the
>Ray> results being obtained the hard way each time. As a database person,
>Ray> seems to me that by perhaps having a small database of configuration
>Ray> learned things (perhaps 3 key strings and one result string
>separated by a
>Ray> delimiter that awk recognizes) would allow the configuration to go
>Ray> faster. I would be happy to write a small shell script that extracts
>Ray> information and another to add to such a database. The developer
>Ray> then point  the make at where this default file is located using an
>Ray> environment variable - make and configure could use it and update
>it. Many
>Ray> others are using your style configurations and could benefit from
>such a
>Ray> database (gawk, gdb, .... as well as many others that copy your
>Ray> style).
>	As mentioned in another message, the user shell can contribute to
>a lot of the time.  Sometimes the default system shell is very inefficient
>and the configuration time could be improved by using GNU Bash.
>	Also, the configuration process may look repetitive, but the
>results might be different in each situation, so GCC needs to inquire

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