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Re: 2 suggestions

 > > 1) years ago GCC took about 2 hours to compile, last year it was 26
 > > hours for me, this year I just surpassed 48 hours and it is still
 > > going - it would be very nice if one could compile the compiler and
 > > what it needs without having to build the entire java set (yes I
 > > know it is bigger and better, but don't need all the parts)
 > Configure with --disable-libgcj.  I even considered making this the
 > default on SPARC/Solaris because libgcj build times are insanely
 > long in 4.x and the default setting is to build 2 such monsters on
 > Solaris 7 and up.

Not necessary.  If people would simply follow the directions here:
<*-*-solaris2*> by setting
CONFIG_SHELL to /bin/ksh before configure;make bootstrap, they
wouldn't have such insane build times.  I bet it cuts the 48 hours to
single digits.

What I don't get is, why isn't autoconf setting CONFIG_SHELL to
something sane and re-exec-ing?  I heard rumor that 2.59 was supposed
to do that automagically.

Kaveh R. Ghazi

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