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Re: Obsoleting c4x last minute for 4.0

> Kazu Hirata <kazu at cs dot umass dot edu> wrote:
> I would like to propose that the c4x port be obsoleted for 4.0.
> c4x-*
> tic4x-*
>  The primary reason is that the port doesn't build.
>  Richard Sandiford's recent patch allows us to go further during the
>  build process, but the port still does not build.

Although personally believe the port's use of a 32-bit QI mode is odd
(and should be enabled by GCC to be defined as SI mode without QI/HI modes
 being required, where correspondingly BITS_PER_UNIT should being presumed
 to represent just the minimum alignment required by the port not
 necessarily the width of QI mode which should likely be defined as the
 width of the target's byte separately), it would still be nice to see GCC
cleaned to enable the port to build as it stresses the few remaining
assumptions scattered though out the source which should be eliminated.

Such as in the unwind code, which need only declare data modes required by
the target supported data type sizes, and not presume that all the sizes
that dwarf can support are required to be represented on the target even if
they'll never be utilized; nor does it appear that unwind word size need to
be larger than the target's pointer size, as opposed to being unnecessarily
fixed as presumed by ia64 as being a 64-bit wide DI mode datum. (Which may
be the few last tweaks remaining required to enable it to build)?

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