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Obsoleting c4x last minute for 4.0


I would like to propose that the c4x port be obsoleted for 4.0.


  The primary reason is that the port doesn't build.

  Richard Sandiford's recent patch allows us to go further during the
  build process, but the port still does not build.

  I've filed the current build problem as PR 20765.

  There are two other outstanding PRs against c4x, namely PR 14436 and
  PR 17824.  Note that the maintainer hasn't commented on either one
  of these PRs, which worries me a bit.

  If the port doesn't build, we cannot clean up the interface between
  the middle end and back ends because we cannot even do minimal
  testing of "port builds".  The PREDICATE_CODE clean-up is almost
  over, but c4x is blocking the last one.  Given that the stage 2
  hasn't even started, we may be able to clean up a few other things
  for 4.1 (if every port builds at least).

Mark, it's still April 5, so we could wait for a week and add a couple
of lines to config.gcc in time for 4.0, but if you think this is too
pushy or could distract the 4.0 effort, I am happy to postpone this
until 4.0.1 or 4.1.

Kazu Hirata

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