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Re: RFC: #pragma optimization_level

On 2005-04-05, at 01:28, Nix wrote:

On 4 Apr 2005, Marcin Dalecki stipulated:
I don't agree with the argument presented by Geert Bosch. It's even more difficult to
muddle through the atrocities of autoconf/automake to find the places where compiler
switches get set in huge software projects

What's so hard about

find . \( -name 'configure.*' -o -name \) -print | xargs grep CFLAGS


Tha fact the you actually *seldomly* have the precise version
of autoconf/automake/perl/gawk installed on the host you wont to reproduce the
THRE stages to get a hand and Makefile.

I could turn the question back: What's so hard about grepping the source?

I think this is a straw man. Manipulating CFLAGS is just *not that

In practice it IS.

 A few minutes will suffice for all but the most ludicrously
byzantine project (and I'm not talking `uses automake', here, I'm
talking `generates C code in order to compute CFLAGS to use when
compiling other code'.)

Thus by your definition most projects are byzantine. glibc, tetex ans so on...

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