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GCC 4.0 Status Report (2005-04-05)

I've attached a revised summary of the critical bugs open against 4.0. The good news is that there are fewer than last week. There are several bugs for which it appears that all that remains to be done is apply a mainline patch to the 4.0 branch. These are listed at the bottom of the summary.

There are three outstanding bugs (19317, 19312, 18604) assigned to Jason Merrill, but I didn't hear back from him last week. Jason, I'm going to assume that you're unable to work on these. As Nathan is on vacation, I suppose that means that these will fall to me to fix. If anyone else would like to volunteer for 19317, which has proven particularly thorny, that would be helpful.

It would also be helpful if someone were able to review Alexandre Oliva's patches for 20126 and 20739.

In terms of schedule, I plan to create the first prerelease this weekend, in preparation for a final release on or about the 15th, as planned. After I make the prerelase, the branch will be slushy, and all non-documentation commits will require my approval.

I will also clarify an issue about testcases that Joseph raised privately. In particular, fixes to testcases (like adding a new target on which to skip the test) are OK for 4.0 if they are OK for mainline, without my approval. In general, things that do not affect the compiler or the build process do not require my approval. Indeed, fixing testcases so that there are fewer unexpected failures is helpful both to me and to users who will build the release.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304
Truly Critical

19317 C++ problems with temporary return values

  This patch breaks Qt builds.  This is an NRV bug.  Assigned to Merrill.

20126 Wrong memcmp code on AMD64

  Oliva has posted a patch.

19159 Undefined vtable symbols on AIX 

  Mitchell is iterating on a fix.

20739 ICE in gimplify_addr_expr

  Oliva has posted a patch.

18853 ICE: genautomata.c:5238, error: verify_flow_info: Incorrect

  Needs investigation.  May or may not be truly critical.

Less Critical

20103 ICE in create_tmp_var with C99 style struct initializer

  Oliva has really been trying hard to fix this one.  I should
  review the C++ bits of his latest change.

17053 -frepo broken on AIX

  Edelsohn does not think fixing the functionality is very important.

19312 ICE in stabilize_call when throwing a copy

  Assigned to Merrill.

18681 template friend declaration not recognized

  Lerdsuwanakij posted a patch.

20342 ICE in reload w/ SSE/MMX

  Assigned to Henderson.

18604 Strong using lookup conflicts

  Assigned to Merrill.

20734 rejects valid pointer to member

  Not yet assigned.

17913 ICE on jumping into statement expression.

  The problematic code has undefined behavior, and J. Myers has
  mitigated the problem in the C front end.  Therefore, this is not
  particularly critical.

19475 CPP conformance issue with "#define a!"

  May be an easy fix; cpplib maintainers?

20076 __builtin_return(__builtin_apply()) inlined incorrectly

  Needs investigation.

Already Fixed

19199 Wrong code using ?: operator in C++

  Fixed by Sayle.  Not yet applied to 4.0.

20625 ivopts produces code that generates "unaligned access exception"

  Fixed by Dvorak.  Not yet applied to 4.0.

19225 Segmentation fault with VLAs, affects GLIBC

  Fixed by Johannsen.  Not yet applied to 4.0.

20527 Mishandling of postincrement causes bzip2 miscompilation.

  Fixed by Nilsson.  Not yet applied to 4.0.

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