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Re: Use Bohem's GC for compiler proper in 4.1?

Joe Buck <Joe.Buck@synopsys.COM> writes:

| On Sat, Apr 02, 2005 at 01:10:42AM -0500, Andrew Pinski wrote:
| > >Memory bloat is a problem for embedded systems. Attitudes about just 
| > >"buy
| > >another gigabyte" is why i use C for everything for speed, portability,
| > >compactness, and conciseness of design.
| > 
| > But you are not compiling on the embedded machine :).
| > 
| > That is the point of Mike Stump, nothing else.
| We should still care about memory consumption, because older machines
| sometimes have limited expandability (there are laptops added today that
| cannot take more than 512Mb, and that's a current machine).
| Folks in third-world countries with cast-off machines should be able to
| use GCC.

a note that this issue is just about some starved people in some
obscure countries with obscure machines that escaped from Middle Age. 

While I know a bit of third-wrld, I have also been working in some western
European countries for a sufficiant time to say that, well, far many real
machines used there for work in univeristies and research labs still
don't go beyond 512Mb memory; and they really would love to use GCC and GCC
should be usable on those machines.

-- Gaby

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