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Re: Details for svn test repository

On Thu, 2005-02-10 at 22:30 +0000, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Feb 2005, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> > You want svn log <filename>@rev-that-it-exists
> > To find rev-that-it-exists, just do log on the parent directory to
> > discover when it was there, and when it wasn't.
> Doesn't seem to work as described.  Take the example of gcc/invoke.texi.  
> "svn log -v ." in the gcc directory produces 25 MB of output (which from 
> strace appears to be being transferred across the network uncompressed; 
> compare simple "cvs -z9 log invoke.texi" which produces output of 50kB 
> compressed so probably 50kb network bandwidth used).  This shows 
> gcc/invoke.texi being deleted (ignoring subsequent resurrections) in 
> r24845; the previous change to it being in r24842.  But "svn log -v 
> invoke.texi@24845" says "Skipped 'invoke.texi@24845'", similarly "svn log 
> -v invoke.texi@24842", "svn log -v -r 24842 invoke.texi", "svn log -v -r 
> 1:24842 invoke.texi", "svn log -v 
> svn://".  Eventually 
> trial and error shows "svn log -v -r 24844:1 
> svn://" works.  But it 
> seems rather cumbersome to need to waste 25MB of bandwidth getting logs 
> for the whole directory to get the logs for an individual file (and in 
> particular when it was deleted if you want another svn comment to extract 
> just the logs for that file).

I have forwarded a url to this thread along to some svn people to see
what's up.

However, i can say that "getting logs for an individual file" means
nothing in svn, because it's versioning trees, not files :).
This is also true of all of the cvs replacements. Only cvs does that
these days :)

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