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Re: Questionable comment in cgraphunit.c:cgraph_expand_function

> On Jul 24, 2004, at 6:16 AM, Richard Kenner wrote:
> >
> >It says "nested functions are expanded via lang_expand_decl_stmt".
> >
> >Well, there isn't such a function, but moreover, I see nothing 
> >preventing
> >that from expanding a nested function and I'm seeing that happen.
> Most likely this is a leftover code from when cgraph did the expand of
> nested functions aka before tree-ssa was merged in.
> So this is dead code/comment.

I am finally finished with the exams, so I plan to do few passes over
cgraph code and clean up such a messiness, so I will take care of this
dead comment too.

As discussed earlier, we probably can completely elliminate the
node->origin and node->next_nested pointers and simply rely on frontend
to do all the unnesting job.  All we are using them for is to avoid
compilation of functions nested inside extern inline functions when the
outer is not inlined.  There has to be easy way to work this out from
the trees as well.

> Thanks,
> Andrew Pinski

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