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gcc newsletter #7

hi all,

This week's letter:

The content:

gcc development
The discussion on whether to use C++ in gcc continued a bit this week.
Per Bothner reminded us that there might be three java frontends to
choose from: a C (gcc), a C++ (gcjx) and a Java (ecj) based frontend.
The java frontend was developed as part of the eclipse project. It is
part of the JDT Core module (source code is available in the cvs

Guenther keeps on bothering everyone with his performance regression
measurement tests: the past few weeks have been prone to a lot of
regressions, thankfully caught quickly...

When you know something can go wrong, just don't try to do it: Richard
Henderson tries to warn twice a backend author against playing with the
aliasing rules of registers.

How do you check to see if your gcc can handle the __thread keyword (a
gcc extension to implement thread local storage) ? It appears there is
no way to do this for now. Hopefully, Arnaud Charlet decided to add the
__GCC_TLS__ macro...

user questions
How do you make gcc automatically check for a stack overflow at the
start of each function ? Well, even though full source code is not
provided, a rather detailed answer was given on the gcc mailing list.

Mathieu Lacage <>

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