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Endian swapping with C code

  Just a small idea, a bit late and not even backed up
 with some real patch:
 instead of having an inline function to byte-swap (and so
 finnishing in a real application to do
 " byte_swapped (byte_swapped (byte_swapped (X)))"
 " if (byte_swapped (X) == byte_swapped (Y)) "
 " byte_swapped (X) = byte_swapped (Y) | byte_swapped (0xFF) "

 Then "simply" add a variable attribute:
int ethernet_integer __attribute__((bigendian));
int intel_integer __attribute__((littleendian));
const short int intel_const __attribute__((littleendian)) = 0xFF;

 It opens optimisation opportunities, warnings if passing a pointer
 of the wrong endianness, does not clash with integer promotion on
 function parameters...

  Probably not an easy task anyways...


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