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Re: Configuring GCC build: doc patch

"Gabriel Dos Reis" <> writes:

> Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng:
>> May I suggest something like the following patch for
>> because after an apparently successful build I could not
>> `make install`?
>>          Hugh
>> --- configure.html.orig	2004-07-13 13:03:22.694719000 +0100
>> +++ configure.html	2004-07-13 13:13:18.442877000 +0100
>> @@ -140,6 +140,11 @@
>>           % cd <var>objdir</var>
>>           % <var>srcdir</var>/configure [<var>options</var>]
>> [<var>target</var>]
>>   </pre>
>> +   <p>Do not use a relative path for <span
>> class="command"><var>srcdir</var>/configure</span>,
>> +use an absolute path instead, because this is used to derive paths
>> +for various things in the resulting makefiles. In subdirectories
>> +relative paths will be incorrect, but absolute paths will still
>> +work.
> Hmm, that this curious.  I use relative path on dauly basis.

Same here.

> Hmm, would be a shell issue?

My guess would be /usr/bin/install vs. ${srcdir}/install-sh.


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