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RE: Template parameter type inference algorithm

> -----Original Message-----
> From: gcc-owner On Behalf Of Piotr Wyderski
> Sent: 19 July 2004 11:12

> Hello,
> where can I found a description of the type inference
> algorithm used by GCC to solve dependencies between
> template parameters and to bind a template instance
> to a template name with its actual parameters?
> And the next question: which approach is used by GCC
> to effectively find the best matching function (method,
> operator etc.) to a given function application?
> Could you please suggest me a paper available on the 
> Internet or a book which explains the above problems? 
>     Best regards
>     Piotr Wyderski

  I Am Not A Language Lawyer, but IIUIC all the procedures for resolving
names and overloading are clearly specified in the C++ language spec, and
the compiler implements the standards-mandated algorithms.  So I suggest you
go straight to the source, and get a copy of the language spec.

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