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Re: Converting GCC to compilation with C++

Robert Dewar:
>> I'm amazed at seeing how people prefer brittle hacks to working
>> codes.  Virtual functions are guranteed to be set properly,
>> once for while.  Currently, we do not have such invariants and
>> we have to do everything hands with more opportunities to make
>> mistakes.
> Well it is interesting to note that the use of dynamic dispatching
> in safety-critical programs is extremetly problematic, and it is
> not at all clear that FAA certification could be achieved for
> programs using such techniques. Why? Because MCDC testing is

Thanks for the lecture but I believe you completely forgot
the context of the discussion.  If you happen to look at GCC
source code, you would most certainly notice that it uses
what is called "hooks", a mondain pointer to function,
that is set by each front-end and we cross fingers in the hope
that everybody set things right.  Is your posting an attempt
to prove that that fiddling with structures and pointer fo functions
a better and safer way of doing things?  (Of couse, I'm talking
about GCC source codes).

-- Gaby

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