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Re: profiling


> > I am afraid profil() or settimer functional
> support is
> > not there for the targets without any OS sitting
> on
> > it.
> > How does the profiling works on other embedded
> targets
> > in gcc world?
> >
> > I have global counter unit on the hardware. If i
> use
> > this in prologue and epilogue of function . I can
> get
> > the time spend in the function.
> >
> > Can I make a use of this to replace profil()
> > functionality ? I want to  replace native calls
> mcount
> > and monstartup 
> > with my code which will using hardware timer. Can
> I
> > get implement flat profile/call graph profile 
> Suggest you write a little library which provides
> the
> mcount/monstartup/profil interface.  This will be
> *much* easier than hacking prologue generation.

Thanks for the help. getting such library will solve
lot of purpose.

I have no OS on the hardware. but it can go into ISR
as soon as timer interrupt arrives. 

What I understand is that profil() will allocate some
memory area, and in the timer ISR I will need to
the respective array slot based on the value of PC and
histogram factor

is it feasible to get profil() similar functionality
using  timer engine? Would it be easy to porting
mcount/monstartup/profil interface functions this way?

Please suggest. 
Or where can I have a look on some reference


> zw 

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