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Re: Solaris installation notes

On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, Dimitri Papadopoulos-Orfanos wrote:
>> Yes, 'gmake install' may fail to properly invoke install-sh if a relative
>> path was used at configure time on Solaris.  Not sure why, but a robust
>> workaround is to use an absolute path.
> Yes, that's exactly what I see, "make install" fails to find
> "install-sh" at some point.
> Back to the original post and the Solaris installation notes:
> 	[...] proceed as described in the build instructions,
> 	where we strongly recommend using GNU make and specifying
> 	an absolute path to invoke srcdir/configure.
> Could someone change the Solaris installation notes to something like:
> 	[...] proceed as described in the build instructions. Specify
> 	an absolute path to invoke srcdir/configure or "make install"
> 	will fail.

Well, "will fail" says that it will fail in every case, which we probably
don't want to guarantee.  And if we put it like that, we more or less
claim that it will work up to "make install", which we don't want to
guarantee, either. ;-)

Gerald Pfeifer (Jerry)

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