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Re: infinity != infinity (Joern Rennecke) writes:

>> The standard is apparently less than explicit on this particular point.  
>> But e.g.
>> says the intent was that infinity was supposed to compare equal with
>> itself:
>> > To remove doubt as to the intent: In an implementation guide to a draft
>> > version of the standard, Coonen [_Computer_, 13: 1, p. 78] gives a table
>> > which clearly shows that +oo = +oo and -oo = -oo are to be TRUE.
> But the question remains, was this derived from his note of the standards
> commitee meetings, or from his personal interpretation of the standard
> (or maybe even his preconception of what it should be) ?

There is a strong indication of the intent of the standard in Appendix A
(not normative) of IEEE 754:

    7. Isnan(y), or equivalently x != x, returns the value TRUE if x is a
       NaN, and returns FALSE otherwise.

Also, the standard only talks about unordered relations in connection with


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