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Re: Endian swapping with C code on ARM

On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 01:47, chicken george wrote:
> The ARM architecture is capable of endian swapping a 32bit value with 4
> instructions. I've tried to coax gcc to do so with the following C code,
> but so far without luck.
> unsigned int endian_swap (unsigned int x)
> {
>     unsigned int t;
>     t = x ^ ((x << 16) | (x >> 16));    /* eor  r1, r0, r0, ror #16 */
>     t &= ~0x00ff0000;                   /* bic  r1, r1, #0x00FF0000 */
>     x = (x << 24) | (x >> 8);           /* mov  r0, r0, ror #8      */
>     x ^= (t >> 8);                      /* eor  r0, r0, r1, lsr #8  */
>     return x;
> }
> gcc-3.3.3 with -Os -fomit-frame-pointer manages 5 instuctions (not
> counting the function return), ie
>    0:   e1a03860        mov     r3, r0, ror #16
>    4:   e0203003        eor     r3, r0, r3
>    8:   e3c338ff        bic     r3, r3, #16711680       ; 0xff0000
>    c:   e1a00460        mov     r0, r0, ror #8
>   10:   e0200423        eor     r0, r0, r3, lsr #8
>   14:   e1a0f00e        mov     pc, lr
> gcc-3.4.0 with the same switches does almost the same thing but seems
> to have regressed slightly when performing register allocation and so
> requires 6 instructions, ie
>    0:   e1a03000        mov     r3, r0
>    4:   e1a00860        mov     r0, r0, ror #16
>    8:   e0230000        eor     r0, r3, r0
>    c:   e3c008ff        bic     r0, r0, #16711680       ; 0xff0000
>   10:   e1a03463        mov     r3, r3, ror #8
>   14:   e0230420        eor     r0, r3, r0, lsr #8
>   18:   e1a0f00e        mov     pc, lr
> It looks like exor and rotation are not being combined when they could
> be (although exor and logical shift right are...).
> Is it a big task to add a tweak for this to gcc ?

It's certainly not trivial.  The extra mov instruction at the start of
the second sequence is due to subtleties in the way the register
allocation algorithm works.  In this case it's failed to find the
optimal colouring and we end up with an additional move instruction
(-fnew-ra gets it right, but that flag can introduce other problems).

The failure to combine arithmetic and rotate is due to the way GCC
represents rotations internally.  A rotate right by a constant, C, is
equivalent to a rotate left by 32 - C (for a 32-bit object).  Internally
GCC insists that rotates by constants are represented as rotate-left
operations and will always convert to this form if it can.  This is a
right royal pain for ARM since there is no rotate-left operation and the
arithmetic-and-shift operations are generic rules, so special-casing the
rotate is hard, if not impossible.  I've explicitly added a pattern for
a straight rotate, but it would duplicate too many other patterns to
handle the combined operation.

What's really needed is a way of telling the compiler that the preferred
canonicalization of rotate is ROR, but that's quite invasive in the
middle-end and I've never felt sufficiently bothered by the issue to
spend the time on fixing it.


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