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Re: EH question and registers

On Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 11:41:03PM -0400, Richard Kenner wrote:
> There must have been some config file change that affects the way Dwarf
> registers are numbered, but the libgcc_eh Makefile doesn't have any
> dependency on the conf files, so it didn't get rebuilt.

There should not have been any such config file change.

There *were* two changes that affected register numbering:

2004-07-01  Richard Henderson  <>
        * dwarf2out.c (reg_save): Use INVALID_REGNUM.
        (dwarf2out_reg_save, dwarf2out_return_save): Likewise.
        (initial_return_save): Likewise.
        (flush_queued_reg_saves): Remap register numbers.
        (dwarf2out_return_reg): Likewise.

2004-06-28  Geoffrey Keating  <>
            Andreas Tobler  <>
        PR 15813
        * dwarf2out.c (reg_save): Output DW_CFA_same_value when a
        register is saved in itself.

I have trouble believing that you havn't rebuild libgcc_eh since then.
In particular, it would mean you havn't been doing a complete bootstrap
and test cycle on the patches you've been writing, and that surely
cannot be correct.


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