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Re: Ada & JGNAT

Laurent GUERBY wrote:
Is it possible to add JGNAT sources to the GCC CVS repository?
Even if they don't compile, that would be a possible good starting
point for reviving development (for A# too).

It would be nice to have some info about JGNAT. You included a link to a tarball in a later message, but there don't seem to be any doc files in there. I noticed that the java files have a comment that says this is Ada for the JVM. Is this an Ada front end that produces Java byte codes?

I see this has ACT copyrights. This would have to be formally contributed to the FSF. You would have to make sure you can change the copyright, and that all contributors have valid gcc assignments.

Will this be a separate front end or a modification to the existing front end?

rms has expressed concerns to the GCC SC about java byte code support. He is concerned that it could be used to subvert the GPL. A proprietary compiler could emit java byte codes for instance, and then feed it into gcc to avoid linking with gcc code. The GCC SC convinced rms that java byte codes were not general enough to be used in this fashion. An Ada front end that can emit java byte codes weakens that argument.

And .NET support is an entirely different matter. A# is presumarly an Ada front end that emits .NET IL (I forget what it is called), which is a much more general IL than Java byte codes. We won't be able to convince rms that the .NET IL is safe. This is an FSF policy that needs to change anyways, but meanwhile, this is something to be wary of.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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