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3.4.1 release notes, round two

Here is a corrected version, based on feedback (thanks, folks).

I added 14220, moved 15159 to multi-platform ICEs, moved 15717 to
x86-specific, removed (SB1 flavor) from 16176, and fixed a couple of typos.

This document lists the problem reports (PRs) from GCC's bug tracking
system (Bugzilla) that are known to be fixed in the 3.4.1 release. This
list might not be complete (that is, it is possible that some PRs
that have been fixed are not listed here).

3.4.1 is a bug fix release only; there are no new features that were not
present in GCC 3.4.0.  Object code and libraries are believed to be fully
binary compatible with code and libraries from previous GCC 3.4.x releases
(though, as always, free software developers cannot provide any

It was recently discovered that the C++ standard library cannot be built
sucessfully on AIX 4.3.3 (though AIX 5.x releases are not affected),
either by GCC 3.4.0 or GCC 3.4.1.  A fix is being investigated.

To see details of any bug, visit , where the
##### is replaced by the actual bug number.

Here is the list of fixes with respect to GCC 3.4.0.

In addition to the bugs listed below, PR's 15569, 15941, 16129, and 16182
were reported against the 3.4 development branch, but they do not occur in
any released version of GCC.

Bootstrap failures

10129 Ada bootstrap fails on PPC-Darwin - invalid assembler emitted - PIC
14576 [ARM] ICE in libiberty when building gcc-3.4 for arm-elf
14760 A bug in configure{,.in} prevents using both --program-suffix and
14671 [hppa64] bootstrap fails: ICE in save_call_clobbered_regs, in
15093 [alpha][Java] make bootstrap fails to configure libffi on Alpha
15178 Solaris 9/x86 fails linking after stage 3

Multi-platform internal compiler errors (ICEs)

12753 (preprocessor) Memory corruption in cpp on bad input
13985 ICE in gcc.c-torture/compile/930621-1.c
14810 (c++) tree check failures with invalid code involving templates
14883 (c++) ICE on invalid code, in cp_parser_lookup_name, in cp/parser.c
15044 (c++) ICE on syntax error, template header
15057 (c++) Compiling of conditional value throw constructs cause a
      segmentation violation
15064 (c++) typeid of template parameter gives ICE
15142 (c++) Internal compiler error when passing a string where a char* is
      expected in a throw statement
15159 ICE in rtl_verify_flow_info_1
15165 (c++) ICE in instantiate_template
15193 Unary minus using pointer to V4SF vector causes -fforce-mem to exhaust
      all memory
15209 (c++) Runs out of memory with packed structs
15227 (c++) Trouble with invalid function definition
15285 (c++) instantiate_type ICE when forming pointer to template function
15299 (c++) ICE in resolve_overloaded_unification
15329 (c++) ICE on constructor of member template
15550 ICE in extract_insn, in recog.c
15554 (c++) ICE in tsubst_copy, in cp/pt.c
15640 (c++) ICE on invalid code in arg_assoc, in cp/name-lookup.c
15666 [unit-at-a-time] Gcc abort on valid code
15696 (c++) ICE with bad pointer-to-member code
15701 (c++) ICE with friends and template template parameter
15761 ICE in do_SUBST, in combine.c
15829 (c++) ICE on Botan-1.3.13 due to -funroll-loops


14538 All RTEMS targets broken for gnat

C front end

12391 missing warning about assigning to an incomplete type
14649 atan(1.0) should not be a constant expression
15004 [unit-at-a-time] no warning for unused paramater in static function
15749 --pedantic-errors behaves differently from --pedantic with C-compiler
      on GNU/Linux

C++ compiler and library

10646 non-const reference is incorrectly matched in a "const T" partial
12077 wcin.rdbuf()->in_avail() return value too high
13598 enc_filebuf doesn't work
14211 const_cast returns lvalue but should be rvalue
14220 num_put::do_put() undesired float/double behavior
14245 problem with user-defined allocators in std::basic_string
14340 libstdc++ Debug mode: failure to convert iterator to const_iterator
14600 __gnu_cxx::stdio_sync_filebuf should expose internal FILE*
14668 no warning anymore for reevaluation of declaration
14775 LFS (large file support) tests missing
14821 Duplicate namespace alias declaration should not conflict
14930 Friend declaration ignored
14932 cannot use offsetof to get offsets of array elements in g++ 3.4.0
14950 [non unit-at-a-time] always_inline does not mix with templates and -O0
14962 g++ ignores #pragma redefine_extname
14975 Segfault on low-level write error during imbue
15002 Linewise stream input is unusably slow (std::string slow)
15025 compiler accepts redeclaration of template as non-template
15046 [arm] Math functions misdetected by cross configuration
15069 a bit test on a variable of enum type is miscompiled
15074 g++ -lsupc++ still links against libstdc++
15083 spurious "statement has no effect" warning
15096 parse error with templates and pointer to const member
15287 combination of operator[] and operator .* fails in templates
15317 __attribute__ unused in first parameter of constructor gives error
15337 sizeof on incomplete type diagnostic
15361 bitset<>::_Find_next fails
15412 _GLIBCXX_ symbols symbols defined and used in different namespaces
15427 valid code results in incomplete type error
15471 Incorrect member pointer offsets in anonymous structs/unions
15503 nested template problem
15507 compiler hangs while laying out union
15542 operator & and template definitions
15565 SLES9: leading + sign for unsigned int with showpos
15625 friend defined inside a template fails to find static function
15629 Function templates, overloads, and friend name injection
15742 'noreturn' attribute ignored in method of template functions.
15775 Allocator::pointer consistently ignored
15821 Duplicate namespace alias within namespace rejected
15862 'enum yn' fails (confict with undeclared builtin)
15875 rejects pointer to member in template
15877 valid code using templates and anonymous enums is rejected
15947 Puzzling error message for wrong destructor declaration in template class
16020 cannot copy __gnu_debug::bitset
16154 input iterator concept too restrictive
16174 deducing top-level consts


14315 Java compiler is not parallel make safe


15151 [g77] incorrect logical i/o in 64-bit mode


 7993 private variables cannot be shadowed in subclasses

Optimization bugs

15228 useless copies of floating point operands
15345 [non-unit-at-a-time] unreferenced nested inline functions not optimized
15945 Incorrect floating point optimization
15526 ftrapv aborts on 0 * (-1)
14690 Miscompiled POOMA tests
15112 GCC generates code to write to unchanging memory

15067 Minor glitch in the source of cpp

Main driver program bugs
 1963 collect2 interprets "-oldstyle_liblookup" as "-o ldstyle_liblookup"

x86 (Intel/AMD) specific

15717 Error: can't resolve `L0' {*ABS* section} - `xx' {*UND* section}


14782 GCC produces an unaligned data access at -O2
14828 FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/20030408-1.c execution,  -O2
15202 ICE in reload_cse_simplify_operands, in postreload.c


14610 __float80 constants incorrectly emitted
14813 init_array sections are initialized in the wrong order
14857 GCC segfault on duplicated asm statement
15598 Gcc 3.4 ICE on valid code
15653 Gcc 3.4 ICE on valid code


15189 wrong filling of delay slot with -march=mips1 -G0 -mno-split-addresses
15331 Assembler error building gnatlib on IRIX 6.5 with GNU as 2.14.91
16144 Bogus reference to __divdf3 when -O1
16176 Miscompilation of unaligned data in MIPS backend


11591 ICE in gcc.dg/altivec-5.c
12028 powerpc-eabispe produces bad sCOND operation
14478 rs6000 geu/ltu patterns generate incorrect code
14567 long double and va_arg complex args
14715 Altivec stack layout may overlap gpr save with stack temps
14902 (libstdc++) Stream checking functions fail when -pthread option is used.
14924 Compiler ICE on valid code
14960 -maltivec affects vector return with -mabi=no-altivec
15106 vector varargs failure passing from altivec to non-altivec code for -m32
16026 ICE in function.c:4804, assign_parms, when -mpowerpc64 & half-word
15191 -maltivec -mabi=no-altivec results in mis-aligned lvx and stvx
15662 Segmentation fault when an exception is thrown - even if try and catch
      are specified


15054 Bad code due to overlapping stack temporaries


15783 ICE with union assignment in 64-bit mode
15626 GCC 3.4 emits "ld: warning: relocation error: R_SPARC_UA32"


14326 boehm-gc hardcodes to 3DNow! prefetch for x86_64
14723 Backported -march=nocona from mainline
15290 __float128 failed to pass to function properly

15250 Option -mms-bitfields support on GCC 3.4 is not conformant to MS layout
15551 -mtune=pentium4  -O2 with sjlj EH breaks stack probe worker on windows32

Bugs specific to embedded processors

 8309 [m68k] -m5200 produces erroneous SImode set of short varaible on stack
13250 [SH] Gcc code for rotation clobbers the register, but gcc continues to use the register as if it was not clobbered
13803 [coldfire] movqi operand constraints too restrictivefor TARGET_COLDFIRE
14093 [SH] ICE for code when using -mhitachi option in SH
14457 [m6811hc] ICE with simple c++ source
14542 [m6811hc] ICE on simple source
15100 [SH] cc1plus got hang-up on libstdc++-v3/testsuite/
15296 [CRIS] Delayed branch scheduling causing invalid code on cris-*
15396 [SH] ICE with -O2 -fPIC
15782 [coldfire] m68k_output_mi_thunk emits wrong code for ColdFire

Testsuite problems (compiler not affected)

11610 libstdc++	testcases 27_io/* don't work properly remotely
15488 (libstdc++) possibly insufficient file permissions for executing test suite
15489 (libstdc++) testsuite_files determined incorrectly

Documentation bugs

13928 (libstdc++) no whatis info in some man pages generated by doxygen
14150 Ada documentation out of date
14949 (c++) Need to document method visibility changes
15123 libstdc++-doc: Allocators.3 manpage is empty

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