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Re: crosstool-0.28-rc26: 118 ugly toolchains and 74 pretty ones

Dan Kegel wrote:
> A B C D E F G > H

The IA-64 port was started after the gcc-2.95 release, so there is no hope of getting A or B to work.

I doubt that there is IA-64 support in gclib-2.1.x, which means A, C, and F can't work. I don't have a copy to verify.

I doubt that there is IA-64 support in binutils-2.11, which means B can't work. I don't have a copy to verify.

I don't recall the linux history, but 2.4.3 is probably way too early for IA-64 support, which is another reason why B can't work.

The IA-64 port wasn't finished until sometime during the gcc-3.0.x release process. There was a major change to the startup files that was needed near the end. This change required a corresponding glibc change. The result is that gcc-3.x works only with glibc-2.3.x, and gcc-2.96 works only with glibc-2.2.x. Thus D and G can't work.

That leaves only E and H, both of which passed, so there are no IA-64 problems that need to be fixed.

Some of the other targets probably have similar issues. i686 works for all combinations because it is one of the oldest and most stable targets. The other targets likely all have limitations that prevent some combinations from working.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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