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Re: EP9312 gcc: undefined reference to __divdf3

Sorry, i am not subscribed to the list so i had to copy the message body from the browser.

On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 11:54, Wouter van Heyst wrote:
Would another configuration give integer register
passing _and_ MaverickCrunch support?

In our implementation functions with FP arguments pass them through the ARM registers (r0-r1, r2-r3, stack) and return in mvd0. FPA code is doing the same thing.

> The best solution would be to tell the compiler that all floating  point
> compiler support functions return values in integer registers, but
> before we can do that we have to re-implement a couple of support calls
> that are currently coded in C (and thus use normal register passing
> conventions).

How do you determine what support calls need to be reimplemented?

We followed the convention used in gcc-3.4.0 for HW floating point. AFAIK
this is going to change (or it is in a process of changing) in gcc-3.5. If i am not mistaken FP arguments should be supplied through integer registers, the result goes in r0 if float and r0-r1 if double.


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