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Re: UPDATE: Does not exist error during libjava compile in gcc

Phil Edwards <> writes:

> Enh.  Here's my guess.
> If there's a quoting problem somewhere, the shell could end up seeing
> the # too early, treating the rest of the line as a comment.  You'd be

# only starts a comment when it is the first character of a word.

> GNU Make has some extended debugging switches, similar to "set -x" for
> the Bourne shell.  Being a GNU program, the switches are deliberately not
> documented in the man page, nor are they listed in --help output.

You mean this?

     Print debugging information in addition to normal processing.  The
     debugging information says which files are being considered for
     remaking, which file-times are being compared and with what
     results, which files actually need to be remade, which implicit
     rules are considered and which are applied--everything interesting
     about how `make' decides what to do.  The `-d' option is
     equivalent to `--debug=a' (see below).

     Print debugging information in addition to normal processing.
     Various levels and types of output can be chosen.  With no
     arguments, print the "basic" level of debugging.  Possible
     arguments are below; only the first character is considered, and
     values must be comma- or space-separated.


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