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Re: [RFC] type safe trees

On Friday 25 June 2004 15:06, Richard Kenner wrote:
>     You're seriously telling me that you'd even consider using such a
>     machine as a develpoment platform?
> For doing development work on the *compiler*, of course not, but it's
> often all you *have* for doing development of the toolchain.

Again, huh?

It's perfectly possible to build a whole toolchain and system without 
bootstrapping natively.

Maybe it's because my experience with gcc backends so far has been with 
embedded targets, but developing natively on a new machine seems a foolish 
idea. In my mind eg. arm-linux is still embedded in that most wouldn't 
seriously use it as a desktop machine.

Much better to develop with a cross-compiler from the safety of a fast, stable 
x86/ppc box.

>     Surely everything is going to be cross-compiled until you've got
>     production hardware, a solid toolchain and a good chunk of the system
>     ported.
> And that's my point.  You're going to be a in a difficult environment
> for quite a while.  Getting GCC bootstrapped is one of the best tests of
> the compiler that exists and is an early step.

Surely bootstrapping a C++ compiler would be an even better test :)

Seriously though, this seems a fairly weak argument. We have an ever-improving 
testsuite. There's also a large quantity of third party code and testsuites 
out there, many of which are self-checking. If anything using a 
cross-compiler makes testing easier because you eliminate the possibility of 
a subtly mis-compiled compiler.

>     GCC has very good support for cross compiling. IMHO this is the reason
>     it can be rapidly ported to new targets.
> Right.  And that's what I don't want to damage.

How does writing the compiler in C++ reduce it's ability to operate as a 


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