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Re: Posts regarding deleting the VAX form of GCC from the next series

On Fri, 2004-06-25 07:27:51 +0200, Andreas Jaeger <>
wrote in message <m38yecjjfs.fsf@gromit.moeb>:
> >> Any chance to organize a developer's meeting to bootstrap people into
> >> doing maintenance for a port? I think it's most people's No. #1 problem
> >> to not know where to start! I'd be interested to have such a meeting in
> >> Europe, possibly in Germany 8^)
> >
> > Oldenburger Linuxtage's Developer's Meeting would be a productive site
> > to do something like that. Any GCC developers planing to show up?
> There was the GCC summit just a few weeks ago - and such a topic could
> be handled next year at the summit,

I know:) But that was in Canada, right? Unfortunately not easy to reach
with limited effort. Maybe I'd try to have holidays in Canada next


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