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Re: Regressions on mainline\

Zack Weinberg wrote:

Steven Bosscher <> writes:

On Tuesday 22 June 2004 00:32, Andrew Pinski wrote:

gcov-1.C is failing for mainly because the profiling stuff is not working
right on the mainline after tree-ssa was merged in, Jan is working on

There are also patches pending for profiling stuff, perhaps they help
(and perhaps not...). Unfortunately they've been ignored four times now :-(

This is a beautiful example of patches that are not getting reviewed mainly because no one who can officially review them feels qualified to do so. I'd be willing to sign off on a review done by the author of the profiling code, but I'm not sure who that is.

I approved the last two patches offline today, in turns out; I didn't realize those were the same ones. The first one caused me to scratch my head harder, so I have not tried to review it yet.

However, I don't have any evidence that these patches fix the regressions; we shall see, I suppose.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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