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Re: Proposed targets to obsolete for 3.5, first pass

On Mon, 2004-06-21 23:14:22 +0200, Steven Bosscher <>
wrote in message <>:
> On Monday 21 June 2004 22:51, Matt Thomas wrote:
> Are there any non-ELF vax targets you're aware of?  (And is the simulator
> also ELF?).

The simulator simulates a complete VAX computer, so the binary format is
irrelevant, as long as it contains VAX assembler:)

> Perhaps you can update the vax entry in backends.html, that would be a
> start.  It's listed as not having a free simulator and not an ELF target.
> Perhaps there are other things in that page that don't match the reality
> of that port.  As the port maintainer, you're the one who can tell best...

Oh, Linux is using ELF, too, but we're yet using an old hacked
gcc-2.95.2 ...  But we're working on it:)


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