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Re: [RFC] A policy for supported ports and targets


Let me provide some information about m32r.
Because there were some mistakes in the following table in 
your e-mail.

>                        c    m    x    i         i    i    m
>                        r    m    t    p    f    q    8    3
>                        i    i    s    2    r    2    6    2
>                        s    x    a    k    v    k    0    r
>                        ------------------------------------
> uses cc0               x              x              x     
> no RTL pro/epilogue    x              x              x     
> old scheduler model              x1             x         x
> define_peephole        x              x                    
> not define_constant    x              x                    
> supported by GDB       x    x              x              x
> free simulator exists       x    ?    ?    x    ?    ?     
> silicon exists         x     2   x    ?    ?    ?    x    ?
> silicon in production  x         x    ?    ?    ?         x3

*free simulator exists -> yes
gdb supports m32r simulator.

*silicon exists -> yes
Both m32r and m32r2 silcons exist. m32r2 is not on sale yet,
but we do have hardware. See

*silicon in production -> yes
There are a lot of products which use m32r chips on the market now.
 DSC, cellar phone, ECU and so on.

Kei Sakamoto
Renesas Technology Corp.

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