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Re: Fix gcc_update for libcpp (Was: Re: Mainline bootstrap failurewhile running aclocal in libcpp)

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Paolo Bonzini wrote:

>  > Make sure you integrate these into config/gettext.m4 or so, and
>  > arrange for the scripts in config to be used, instead of using
>  > whatever random version of these macros a user who runs aclocal
>  > happens to have around.
> It has always been like this.  Maybe it's better to document that 
> gettext 0.12 is needed to regenerate configure scripts?

That would be yet another out-of-date software version required (at
present, the precise version of gettext used to regenerate gcc.pot isn't
critical, but if macros included in these scripts differ depending on what
version of gettext is installed, that is a problem).  Copying these files
(from the same version of gettext as used for the intl directory) and
noting this in intl/README (so that people updating the intl directory
know to update these macros) would avoid that dependence.

Joseph S. Myers

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