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Re: ICE profiledbootstrapping on ia64

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Jim Wilson wrote:

> Richard Guenther wrote:
> > I think it's been broken for a long time, but I'll ping again for it:
> I see you submitted PR 15836 for this.  There is also PR 13882 also from
> you that may be a related issue.
> I'm really the only one trying to systematically fix IA-64 bugs, and
> there are unfortunately more than the volunteer time I have available.
> Especially since I do so many other things in addition to IA-64 work,
> such as answer questions and review patches.  I need to prioritize work,
> and I haven't considered profiledbootstrap failures as important as say,
> gcc, glibc, or kernel miscompilation.  profiledbootstrap uses the new
> -fprofile-generate and -fprofile-use options.  Since these are new, and
> not required to work for normal compiles, I haven't been giving these
> failures a high priority.

Well, compared to compiling on ia32, ia64 compiles are really slow, so I'd
like to use a profilebootstrapped compiler there, too.  Also the failure
from PR 15836 doesn't necessarily look like it's special to ia64.

Thanks anyway,

Richard Guenther <richard dot guenther at uni-tuebingen dot de>

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