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Re: Omniscient Debugging for C...

On Fri, 2004-06-04 at 17:39, Paul Koning wrote:

>  Mike> Not very new...  gdb had this years and years ago now (5
>  Mike> years),...
> It DOES?  Tell me how.  I sure need this.  Watchpoints are very
> limited... 

(gdb) help tracepoints
Tracing of program execution without stopping the program.
List of commands:
actions -- Specify the actions to be taken at a tracepoint
collect -- Specify one or more data items to be collected at a
delete tracepoints -- Delete specified tracepoints
disable tracepoints -- Disable specified tracepoints
enable tracepoints -- Enable specified tracepoints
end -- Ends a list of commands or actions
passcount -- Set the passcount for a tracepoint
save-tracepoints -- Save current tracepoint definitions as a script
tdump -- Print everything collected at the current tracepoint
tfind -- Select a trace frame;
tfind end -- Synonym for 'none'
tfind line -- Select a trace frame by source line
tfind none -- De-select any trace frame and resume 'live' debugging
tfind outside -- Select a trace frame whose PC is outside the given
tfind pc -- Select a trace frame by PC
tfind range -- Select a trace frame whose PC is in the given range
tfind start -- Select the first trace frame in the trace buffer
tfind tracepoint -- Select a trace frame by tracepoint number
trace -- Set a tracepoint at a specified line or function or address
tstart -- Start trace data collection
tstatus -- Display the status of the current trace data collection
tstop -- Stop trace data collection
while-stepping -- Specify single-stepping behavior at a tracepoint
Type "help" followed by command name for full documentation.
Command name abbreviations are allowed if unambiguous.

Mathieu Lacage <>

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