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Re: QA-oriented features for a version control system

On Sat, 5 Jun 2004, Michael Elizabeth Chastain wrote:

>     But what I really want is to search the line-of-development using
>     some kind of "changeset index" rather than a date.  I.e, if there have
>     been 220 checkins between 2004-05-01 and 2004-05-15, the
>     "changeset index" should increase by 220.  Then I want to do checkouts
>     by line-of-development + changeset-index, rather than line-of-development
>     + date.  That way, it is much easier to find the particular changeset
>     that introduced a particular bug.

I'm not sure that I understand you well, but if you would like to just
obtain appropriate changeset, then you can of course do it -- I think
that's the basic functionality provided by all changese/patchset oriented
SCMs, i.e. in arch (tla) it will look like:

tla get gcc--main--3.5--patch-35

>     The way we use CVS, the revision number of "ChangeLog" is similar
>     to the "changeset index" that I want to have.

Yes, that's also the case with Arch automatically generated changelogs.
(if you need example of such changelog, just ask and I will provide you
some from MICO development source tree)


Karel Gardas        
ObjectSecurity Ltd. 

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