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Re: Trouble with rsync-access

On  1 Jun, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> Volker Reichelt <> writes:
>> since a couple of days rsync-access to the gcc sources doesn't
>> work as it used to. Rsyncing my local archive and then checking
>> out from there results in an error message:
>>   cvs checkout: Updating gcc
>>   cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot stat /sourceware/cvs-lockdir/gcc:
>>     No such file or directory
>> The culprit seems to be the line
>>   LockDir=/sourceware/cvs-lockdir/gcc
>> which got added to CVSROOT/config recently:
>>   date	2004.;	author root;	state Exp;
>> After deleting this line manually, the check-out works fine.
>> But that's only a work-around since the next rsync will break things again.
>> Can the change be reverted or be worked around in some other way?
> We made that change intentionally.  I don't know that we have ever
> promised that you can rsync our CVS repository and then use it
> locally.  It's great if it works, but I don't think we're going to
> accept responsibility for having it always work.

Well, but it is desirable to make it work as rsync.html states:

  In an ongoing effort to accelerate development of GCC and provide an open development
  environment, we are offering our CVS repository and various other data through anonymous
  rsync access.

  That way you can make local copies of the GCC CVS repository to ease the burden on the
  GCC main site, and browse the source locally using cvs.

So, making rsync difficult to use seems to be counter-productive, since
it puts more load on GCC's CVS.

In addition bugs/reghunt.html states:

  Using rsync to get a local copy of the GCC CVS repository is highly recommended for
  regression hunts. You'll be checking out the tree used for the regression search over
  and over again and won't want to affect access times for other GCC developers
  who are using the real repository, and it will also be faster for you.

That's why I would appreciate rsync-access to be as easy as possible.
However, if there's no chance of going back to the old version we should
at least document the new behavior in rsync.html.

> That said, you can make it continue to work in a straightforward
> manner by creating the directory /sourceware/cvs-lockdir/gcc on your
> system, possibly using symlinks.

Not everybody has write permissions outside his/her home directory :-(
(I'll have to use a shell script that does the patching after the

> Ian


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