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Re: Criteria for GCC 4.0

    How do _you_ propose to teach the driver that in such multilanguage
    projects, say Ada/C++, it must link both the language's runtime
    libraries?  Are you suggesting that my some machical means it should
    derive that from the object files, or just via user flags?  You could
    do the latter just as well by using gnat and add -lstdc++ to the
    linker options.

I don't have any specific proposals, but this certainly is something that
must be done somehow if GCC is to succeed with modern large projects.

    So I don't see how the driver knowing about libraries would make things
    easier to do multi-language linking support.

Suppose I have a project that's using both Java and C++.  If I had just Java,
I'd call one driver program and if I had just C++, I'd be calling another.
With both, which do I call?  That confusion is not helpful.

    And teaching the gcc driver about all the language-specific options to get
    the semantics right, such as -fnon-call-exceptions for Java?  Please, no.

Perhaps that should be in the specs file, but the Java front end should
also know about that.  For example, the Ada front end turns that on.

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