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GCC-3.3.4 second prerelease available for testing


  The second prerelease of GCC-3.3.4 is available, since this morning,
for testing.  All major issues reported in the last status report have
been resolved.  In particular, the long standing -funroll-loop
miscompilation has been fixed, thanks to Éric.  RTH fixed the
bootstrapping failure on Alpha.  Dave Anglin fixed some GC bugs when
compiling POOMA. GCC-3.3.4 is now regression-free with respect to POOMA.  

  The Alpha backend issue with respect to passing/return __complex__
in register, in some contexts, is a long standing ABI bug in that
backend (fixed in 3.4.x) and has been made more sensitive with recent
fixes.  It could be fixed only by changing the ABI and that is not an
option. Reverting advances made in fixing other middle-end and
rtl-optimization bugs, that affect broader back-ends, just to paper
over this passing/returning complex on Alpha is, IMO, not reasonable.

Please download the tarballs and test them.  Report any issue by
filling a PR through bugzilla and put me in the CC field.


-- Gaby

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