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Re: [RFC] Reload Problem

C Jaiprakash, Noida wrote:

  No imputs from anybody? I thought gcc mailing list is the best place to
get more and more educated in gcc.

Yes, but it is just a list for volunteers, no one has the responsibility for answering questions like this, it is just a matter of whether anyone feels like answering them :-)

Also note that the end of your message

This message and any attachment(s) contained here are information that is
confidential,proprietary to HCL Technologies and its customers, privileged
or otherwise protected by law.The information is solely intended for the
individual or the entity it is addressed to. If you are not the intended
recipient of this message, you are not authorized to read, forward,
print,retain, copy or disseminate this message or any part of it. If you
have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender immediately by
return e-mail and delete it from your computer.

is offensive nonsense for a post to a list like this. Many people will in fact simply delete and ignore any messages with silly disclaimers like this. If your question is confidential and proprietary to HCL Technologies, then why should anyone read it, let alone answer it!

You might get more attention if you remove this from your message :-)

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