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Multiplatform binary generation


I am working on research project to implement executable binary for all major linux desktop platforms. The file is named .dlx and should contain merged executables for Linux on:
IA-32 - 686
IA-32 - P4
IA-32 - Athlon XP
x86-64 - AMD64/Opteron
x86-64 - Intel IA-32e

Point is that after installing desktop software, installer will go trough .dlx files and create a native executables out of it by stripping-out everything else. Also distros can deploy all software except kernel and binutils as .dlx files, which will bring performance improvement to end user. It will work like Java/.NET except that programs will run faster :-).

The main project is to create compiler for .dlx "platform" that will "look" like gcc to developer. It will compile sources for all platforms mentioned, and then merge binaries to .dlx file. Note that each .dlx can contain binary executable, .lib or .so file. I will call this tool dlxgcc. Of course, only final (release) version of any software is ment to be compiled with this. Developement and remains stays the same (gcc -based). After ABI become stable (I have a dream) this should even work accross various distros (why not?).

In the second phase I will modify rpm (becouse I am using Mandrake at the moment) to handle .dlx files properly during installation (e.g. strip them all).

I would like to hear any your sugestions or comments before I spent months developing it.


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