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Re: How to build an RPATH into gcc?

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 07:24:07PM +0400, Serge Belyshev wrote:

> RPATH is evil (BTW if you really want it, set LDFLAGS='-Wl,-rpath -Wl,/usr/local/lib').

Why is RPATH evil?
- it works
- I'm not making packages, I'm working in my own (homogenous)
- it doesn't require root privileges (which I don't have on the systems 
  in question)
- it doesn't require work on every single machine for every single
  new library

Your LDFLAGS suggestion is equivalent to the non-working LDFLAGS 
described in my mail.

> Much better:
> # echo /usr/local/lib >> /etc/
> # ldconfig
> #
> And /lib/ will search libraries there.

I didn't know NetBSD has a /lib/ ...  ;-)

Besides the problem with this approach requiring root privileges, it's 
less easy to handle than RPATH when you compile for a /usr/local that's 
shared between _many_ machines.

> 		Serge



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